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I wanted to share with you how fortunate we were to have Glenndalf, a young magician, stop by on Thursday to entertain the veterans during dinner at New Directions. As 200 residents ate dinner, Glenndalf went from table to table astounding and confounding his audience. From the laughter and applause, I knew we had, through serendipity, come upon the right guy for this event. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an entertaining and very clever magician.
Lee L. Los Angeles

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We hired Glenndalf to perform for our Employee Awards Dinner in January of 2012. He was professional, courteous, and very entertaining! His combination of magic and comedy had us all laughing and kept our spirits up. I would definitely recommend Glenndalf to anyone looking for good, quality entertainment for their event!

Cheryl Bigos
Purchasing Director
The Los Angeles Athletic Club

6 2 6 0 A g n e s A v e, N o r t h H o l l y w o o d, CA 91606
w w w . r e v i v a l c e n t e r l a . c o m

We at Revival Center had the pleasure of having Glenndalf perform as “Glenndalf the Magician” at our one year anniversary dinner. I was thoroughly impressed by Glenndalf’s skill as a magician as well as his professional and gracious attitude throughout the evening.

Glenndalf was referred to me through a fellow magician for our event. He arrived ready to set up and go, but was not at all phased (sic) when due to a mix up by one of our board members we were locked out of the church for almost an hour. Glenndalfs’s attitude was very cool and collected. I could tell immediately he understood the nature of performing live (how you can never tell what’s going to happen) and was ready for whatever came up.

Once we did finally get in, he immediately went to work getting set up and was as flexible as he needed to be when setting up so as not to impede on other performances for the night. After he finished setting up, he worked the crowd during our appetizer time and did card tricks and other close-up tricks that garnered lots of “ooh”s, “aah”s, and “How’d you do that?!?!”s.

Once our official program began, it was an hour and a half before time for Glenndalf to perform his staged routine. Once again, during this time, he was very professional. He came across as genuinely happy to be there, not minding waiting his turn to put on a show. When the time for his stage performance finally came, he didn’t disappoint. The show was funny, well thought-out, and very entertaining. Everyone in attendance had a great time and enjoyed very much the magic of “Glenndalf the Magician.” I look forward to inviting him to perform at our next church event.

Eric Wrye
Revival Center Board Member

"That was the best card trick I've ever seen, and I've been to the Magic Castle!"
   -- Paul D. of Sherman Oaks, CA

"Your sleight of hand is flawless!"
   --Ken T. of Northridge, CA